Deck Mentor Help

Tools Menu Options

Tools | Curve Analysis

This counts the converted mana costs of all the cards in the current deck and gives back an analysis of the mana curve in the form of a graph. (To see a sample click here)

Tools | Export As

Exports decklists either as Apprentice or Fancy formats. The Apprentice format is a straight listing in a text file plus the all important //NAME: tag plus deck title if any. The fancy format is a more elaborate layout in a text file.

Tools | Goldfish
This Function is complex and has many features. (To see a sample click here)

Draw - Places a card from the top of the deck into the hand area.

Paris - Shuffles cards in hand area into deck area and redeals a hand 1 size smaller according to the Paris Mulligan Rule.

View Library - Allows user to view the contents of the deck in the order in which it is currently shuffled. In this area there is a menu the user may use to manipulate the cards:
  • Select Random - Allows user to select a card from the library at random. The user must then click on Reveal to see the card.
  • Reveal - Shows select card as if revealing the card in game. Mostly used to reveal a Randomly Selected card.
  • Put into Hand - Puts selected card into hand area.
  • Put into play - Puts selected card into the play area.
  • Put in gy - Puts the selected card into the graveyard area.
  • Rem fm Game - Puts selected card into the removed from game area.
  • Shuffle - shuffles the order of the cards.
  • Cancel - cancels Random select.

The bottom of the screen has a checkbox that shuffles the deck when the screen closes while it is checked. Default is on.
View RFG - Allows user to look at cards in the Removed from Game area. This area has a menu identical to the View Library Menu except the Rem fm Game function is replaced with the Put in Library function which does just that.

End Turn - I am not sure of the functionality of this.

Next Game - This ends the current game and starts a new one.

Abort Game - This seems to do the same thing as Next Game

Shuffle - Allows user to shuffle the deck as many times as the user wants.

Areas of the screen - The screen is broken down into 3 card areas below the menu area and a life tracking area. Each of the card areas has a card manipulation menu similar to the ones found in the View Library and Rem fm Game areas. These menus allow the user to move cards within the different areas as much as they like. Each card area also tracks how many cards are currently within it. The user should be able to click and drag cards between areas.

The life tracking area - Currently this tracks only the user's imaginary opponent's life. This is how the goldfisher determines success or failure which is tracked on the score area below. The opps life total starts at 20 and the user may raise/lower it in increments of 1,2,4,or user's choice.