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Confirm Close on/off check box (default=on.)
Confirm Autosave on Exit on/off check box (default=off.)
Confirm Exit on/off check box (default=on.)

Confirmations allow the user to configure the program to their liking. Each confirmation is designed to do something for the user that decreases the likelihood of user error. Confirm Close prevents accidental closing of an open deck. Confirm Autosave on Exit allows the user to be sure that data is saved when closing the program incase the user forgets. Confirm Exit also prevents the user from accidently closing the program.

Deck Directory

This is the directory for the decks the user wants to save. The user should put omd deck xml files the user wants to import here too. The default value for this is unset.

Expansion Directory

This is the directory for the sets files. This folder/directory is where the file is extracted to. The default value for this is unset.

Validation Checkbox (on or off)

Ensures that imported XML data is correct thus avoiding nasty conflicts. This is mainly for troubleshooting and defaults to off.

Autofilter Checkbox (on or off)

Turns on autofiltering. This is desirable when you are filtering lots of different things and want a continuous change in the cards list. Defaults to off.

Save Preferences on Exit Checkbox (on or off)

Allows the user to set the preferences to autosave whenever the program exits. Defaults to on.

Show Sideboard checkbox(on or off)

Allows the user to decide whether or not to view the sideboard. Useful during deck construction if you need to see more of the deck.. Defaults to on.


Removes changes to preferences since the last save.


Saves the preferences settings.

example of Preferences Menu

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