Despite people's complaints about the Dojo Effect, I believe that sharing of information and internet communication is part of the fun of Magic. The original Meta Game conceived of by Richard Garfield has grown into something much greater than just game theory or strategies, it has become an international social community.
What is XML?
What is OMD?
Why use OMD?
OMD News - June 15th

What is XML?

XML like HTML is a text file format. It is designed (unlike HTML) to allow you to represent any kind of data in a structured way. This makes it ideal for working with data on the internet because data is passed to and from many different kinds of machines and operating systems. In fact, XML was designed specifically with the internet in mind.

If you are interested in reading more about XML I would suggest you browse around This is a web site of XML advocates, most of whom are much better writers than I. They have a FAQ there which can be quite informative, sadly most of the articles are quite technical. Even more technical (and Microsoft specific) information can be found at Microsoft's XML page for developers.

If anyone knows of any non-technical introductions to XML please let me know so I can add a link to it.

Why do Spoiler lists in XML exist?

I wrote the XML Prophecy spoiler list as a personal proof of concept. In other words, it seemed worth it in theory so I tried it in practice. I decided then that this work could be useful to the magic community at large. That is when I decided to start the Open Magic Data project. The Open Magic Data project is not of interest to a Magic player, but it is of great use to Magic web site and application developers. If you think this might interest you I suggest you read more about it on the Open Magic Data project's home page.

For example on the OMD page you will find instructions for taking the XML file and converting it to HTML or TXT. Using these instructions (and a little programming savvy) you could modify the style sheet to create a checklist format that you like for your own personal use.

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