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What is New in 1.6?

1. Tools: Content Analysis (New function) (See it here)

Q: What does this do?
A: It shows you three different areas of analysis. Each area shows you the break down of your deck from a different analysis.

Q: What are the different areas?
A: This is a three part answer.
1) Spell Types: This tells you how many and what percentage of each type is present in the deck and the total spells and percentage of spells in the deck. Fairly useful for figuring out the posture of the deck (aggro, control, etc...).
2) Color Requirements: This divides the spells into colored mana costs and lists them accordingly. Its very useful for balancing mana costs and needs during deck construction. If you have lots of cards that require double or triple mana then you may need more mana sources of that color.
3) Mana Sources: This is a breakdown of how much, and percentage and what color mana each mana source is capable of. It also lists a total percentage/amount in the deck.

2. Life Area of Goldfish Ap expanded. (veiw it here)

Q: What functionality does this have?
This was a minor detail missing from 1.41 that makes the Goldfishing more accurate for decks where counting your life is key to winning and losing. Ei: Bargain decks that need to go to one to go off quickly, and Trix with which there are complicated life gain issues.

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