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Cards List

Card Name

After all filters are applied the cards listed under here are what remain. If you doubleclick on a cardname a card-sized information window will pop up to give you details on the card.

Details Popup window (see an example here)

This pops up when the user double clicks on a card name. It lists the following information: Card Name, mana cost, type and subtypes, card text, sets printed in, and pow/tou if a creature type. There is also a check button to keep the window open. If this is set to on that particular details window will stay open in addition to other detail popups.

Total Cards

Keeps track of the number of cards in the list..

Input Arrows(see an example here)

The arrows control adding and deleting cards to and from the main deck area and sideboard area. Each deck area has its own set of arrows. With each set of arrows the user can add/delete 1,2,3 or 4 cards to/from the deck, or the user can input a number to add/delete. To delete cards the user selects the cardname in the deck list clicking on it and then clicks on the less than sign (<) under the minus sign (-) next to the number the user wants to delete. To add cards to the deck the user selects the card name in the cards list by clicking on it and then clicks on the greater than sign (>) under the plus sign (+) next to the number the user wants to add.

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