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How does this all work?

The first thing is that this page exists to gather all the disparate parts of this project into one place people can go to get what they need to participate.

Background info at Neutral Ground Online --- "the Worlds Premiere Magic Site for Original Content."

What is XML? An explaination of the XML format and links to other sites.

What is OMD? An explaination of The Open Magic Data Project

Why use OMD? A white paper on what OMD is useful for.

Webmaster's note: I've just moved these documents mentioned above to this site. You can see the them at the following links: What is XML? , What is OMD? , Why use OMD?

OMD news Get the latest news on OMD updates, etc

NGO's Auto Deck Here are 100s of usable decks at your finger tips. Just use the form and Voila!

Java Framework info at Coruscant

David Hibb's Coruscant Java Home page This page has lots of info.

You will need the sets zipped file which is here:

If you need to understand the code this is where it is shown: Technical Documentation of The API framework , Technical Documentation of DeckMentor, SimpleViewer, and SimpleSetViewer

release notes: framework , application

OMD sourceforge project summary This is where all the work is being done.

OMD Releases zipped files This is where you can get the latest release of Deck Mentor as it is posted. [current version: 1.6] NEW!!

Help File for Deck Mentor If you need help using Deck Mentor this is a file with a table of contents and help sections. NEW!!

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